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  • I am happy with the service Paul has provided and felt comfortable in talking about my personal situation. 

    Mrs Hughes, Grassmoor, Chesterfield
  • I was very happy with Paul's professionalism. there was no pressure what's so ever and felt very comfortable.

    Mrs Janis Rhodes, Sheffield
  • Paul helped me put my will together and, with what can be a very complicated and sometimes emotional process, made it clear and simple.  He answered every question I put to him clearly and concisely so I knew exactly what I was doing. He acted professionally throughout but was also a friendly figure, I would recommend him to everyone.

    Rachel Rickerby, Chesterfield

  • We were very happy with Paul's professionalism and expertise.

    Bernie & Janet Maher, Matlock
  • We had only a basic will in place before we spoke to Paul and did not realise the potential problems this may cause going forward. After having everything explained clearly and jargon free to us we decided to put in place a new will and trusts to protect our families future.
    Mr & Mrs Redfern, Semi-retired, Ashbourne, Derbyshire 
  • Knowing that I have put into place a legal document now, whilst of sound mind, that if I was unable to make decisions for my self I have total peace of mind that my attorneys (family) will legally be able to make decisions on my behalf for my benefit. Priceless.

    Mrs Margaret Seldon, Director, South Wingfield, Derbyshire
  • A big decision made easy...
    Thanks Paul..Great advice

    Chris Gartland
  • Paul has given me peace of mind should the worse happen to me. 

    My 3 daughters are now fully protected. There was no pressure at all in sorting out my affairs.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul's services.

    Steve, Steve Wallis Accountants, Chesterfield
  • Paul came to our home and everything was so easy. We discussed in private what we wanted and everything was fully legal within 3 weeks of Paul's initial visit . We would recommend his service to anyone...Thanks Paul

    Les and Christine Ashmore
  • Writing a Will was something I always dreaded. Paul made it all so simple. Fantastic professional service. Thanks

    Tracey Lansbury and Tim Coxon
    Swadlincote, Derbyshire 
  • Paul is very professional , friendly and made the whole process stress free for us. Thank you for your advise

    Dan Johnson and Debbie Wheeldon
  •  "After finally deciding it was time that I had a will in place, I was introduced to Paul by a good friend and business contact. Paul certainly knows what he`s talking about.Most people say that getting a will in place gives them peace of mind, but I can describe it in just one word - freedom.
    He was always on time for appointments, with a very pleasant attitude, and I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend Paul.
    All best wishes Paul, for your continued success" 

    Mrs Elaine Moorby
    Killamarsh, Sheffield

  • Efficient, simple and now i have a will!! Thankyou Paul

    Jemma Long, Chesterfield
  • Service provided by Paul is 1st class. No hassles whatever. Told him what we wanted and he delivered. Instructions carried out to the letter and he even made sure Will was witnessed correctly and the Will is stored correctly. Thanks Paul

    Margaret and Fran Muldoon
  • I am happy with the service Paul has provided and felt comfortable in talking about my personal situation. 

    Mrs Hughes, Grassmoor, Chesterfield

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blogIntro blog about trust, wills and estate planning, covering inheritance, tax and care home fees. ... [ more ]


Wills 4 Less - Are you Protected?

Are you looking for a reliable, professional will writing company that can assist you in your Will writing? Our organisation is one of the finest and we ensure making your Will is simple for you; at affordable costs, including free and secure storage. As part of our objectives, we value openness, social responsibility, honesty, and caring for our clients is the core of all the services we offer. https://trusted-pensions.co.uk/

Making a Will is usually the last piece of the Financial Jigsaw

Could this be you? Don't take a chance
A to Z Trust and Wills

"Now we've got kids we must get round to making our Will"

"Care home fees for mum - this looks a nightmare..."

"Inheritance tax - surely we don't have to pay that?"

"It's been years since we did our Will.....our circumstances have totally changed!"

"We are really concerned that our children's partners would get our money in any potential future divorce settlements - how can we protect our children's inheritance?"

"We're living together and are not married... Surely we don't need a Will??"

"Who will look after my children if the worst happens -  do I need to appoint guardians?"

"We got married last year and we've both have children from previous relationships. Should the worst happen to either of us, how do we really know each other's children will be looked after? "

"Our child has special needs, so if the worse should happen to my partner and I, how can we protect our child's interests and protect any disability allowances?"

These are typical modern-day dilemmas which I see every week. If you're faced with some difficult estate planning decisions like these and aren't sure where to turn, then how about a chat with someone who can suggest some clear solutions and won't tie you up in legal language.

My name is Paul Lemon and owner of AtoZ TrustandWills in Chesterfield Derbyshire. We specialise in Writing Wills for people in a relaxed stress free environment. 

I know all about facing life-changing moments, see My Story. And I also know all about estate planning, about Making a Will and about planning correctly for your families future. 

Don't put off starting that vital process of making a Will and planning your families future. 

Making your will doesn't mean the worse is going to happen overnight. It means you have achieved "peace of mind" should the worse happen.

You can choose AtoZ Trust and Wills with confidence - as members of the Society of Will Writers  we carry £2M worth of Professional Indemnity Insurance and abide fully by their code of practice.

Get in touch TODAY:

 If you're really serious about protecting your families inheritance or any aspects of Estate Planning, call me Paul on 07517 480 188 and we can fix up a FREE NO OBLIGATION meeting at your home or office or just meet over a coffee.

Price List

We offer clear, transparent pricing on all those estate planning services which can be easily defined. See our 2014  Price List for details on everything from a Simple Basic Will to a Family Trust to fully protect assets for your Family.

Planning Your Future

Paul Lemon Estate Planning

Don't let this be you! AtoZ TrustandWills are a Will Writing company based locally in Chesterfield and cover the complete spectrum of estate planning needs.

We work in partnership with the national professional services of Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd, which gives us access to a vast array of resources and advice without the high costs usually associated

Will Writing and Estate Planning

Whether you need to make a basic will or need advice on protecting your assets from care fees, potential future divorce settlements or need to mitigate tax, we listen and then provide you with the solutions you tailored to your needs.

Right now the financial climate is tough. The need to protect and nurture your assets has never been more important for your loved ones future. We can help.

  • The Cost of Care:  Unfortunately, the costs involved in moving into a care home can literally wipe out your entire savings and your home may have to be sold to pay for care fees. This could mean that your loved ones could receive very little or even nothing at all of what you originally intended them to have. With correct planning NOW that can be avoided
  • The Cost of Divorce:  Think about this situation - you plan to leave your assets to your children. But what if your children are subject to future divorce proceedings - at that point half of that inheritance is at risk to divorce settlements!
  • The Cost of Remarriage of a Surviving Spouse:  On first death all assets are owned by a surviving spouse. What if the surviving spouse remarries? The inherited estate could be lost to the new spouse, disinheriting your children.
  • The Cost of Special Needs:  What if your children have special needs? How can you ensure that they will be fully protected and provided for?
  • The Cost of Bankruptcy:  If your children or even a surviving spouse are subject to creditor claims or bankruptcy issues then the entire inheritance could be at risk.
  • New Families Coming Together: Are you sure you children will inherit all your assets ?

A lot of this may sound like gloomy stuff and "It'll never happen to me!"

It'll never happen to you... until it does.  At that point, if you've not planned for some of these potential difficult issues, it'll be too late. So pick up the phone NOW.

You can also download our 2014 Price List which gives clear, transparent pricing on all our Will Writing and Estate Planning services. 

Speak to me, Paul about covering all these possible situations, which may face you.  I can help, so call me on 07517 480 188

To make the right decisions when planning your estate, you need clear, accurate, up-to-date information about all aspects of inheritance and tax.


Here are some excellent brief videos which clearly describe some of the key estate planning issues you may face. The first two play straight out of this page and then there are 3 more on my YouTube channel, accessible by the links below.

Case Studies

Often the best way to understand an issue and its importance is to read a real life case study. These are being compiled from situations I come across - the names have been changed and some details omitted to prevent someone recognising the cases, but the situation and its difficult consequences are true... and therefore could happen to you... 

AtoZ Case Study 1

AtoZ Case Study 2

AtoZ Case Study 3 

FREE Downloads

Estate planning documents for FREE download - just click on the link of the document you'd like to view and then save it to your computer.

Here is a summary of all the AtoZ Trust and Wills services:

AtoZ Trust and Wills Estate Planning Services

Some common estate planning issues explained:

Why Do I Need A Will?

Protecting Your Children's Inheritance

Protecting Your Assets from Care Costs

Protecting Business Assets

All about Trusts and Tax

Some common estate planning terms explained:

Probate Process Explained

Living Wills Explained

Deed of Variation Explained

Power of Attorney Explained

Pre-paid Funeral Plans Explained<

Role of Professional Trustees Explained

Role of a Guardian Explained

Role of Executor Explained

Price List

Phone me Paul 07517 480 188 and arrange your FREE NO OBLIGATION meeting

More videos

All my videos can be viewed by clicking on the YouTube button below.

Professional Football > Estate Planning

I'm Paul Lemon and my story illustrates that in life, we just don't know what's around the corner...

I was born in Middlesbrough. At the age of 15 my dream of being a professional footballer became a reality when I joined Sunderland AFC as an apprentice. I went on to make 120 professional appearances with Sunderland, including scoring 20 goals from midfield.


Chesterfield FC Paul LemonIn 1990 I joined Chesterfield FC  and everything was going well until a league game in 1992 changed my life. I suffered a ruptured cruciate knee ligament and was out of the game for 9 months. I played another 60 league games after my injury including a memorable game at Liverpool where we drew 4-4 but things were never the same again and in 1993 my contract wasn't renewed.


Paul Lemon football Sunderland FCSo after 11 years, 200 league games and 35 goals in the professional game I was suddenly on the soccer scrapheap at 28. With my 2 children Jordan and Gabriella and a large mortgage to support I had some big decisions to make. 

I moved into the world of financial advice, first with the Prudential and then with a local Independent Financial Adviser company based in Sheffield. I am very settled in Chesterfield and the beautiful county of Derbyshire and love being part of AtoZ Trust & Wills, putting my financial advice experience to good use in the area of estate planning.

I now have a part time role scouting professionally for Huddersfield Town FC , watching professional football which I love and enjoy and I am lucky enough to fit my Will Writing role around this passion of mine

Call me today..Paul  07517 480 188 to arrange that FREE NO OBLIGATION meeting

Don't leave things to chance!

The first step to a brighter, more secure future is to work out what action you need to take. Doing this on your own can be daunting.

  • What are your estate planning priorities?
  • What assets need protecting?
  • Who are your dependants and potential beneficiaries?
  • What eventualities do you need to plan for?
  • What is your tax position?

It may not be easy to answer these questions and dozens of others which may arise, the more you think about it!

The best first step is therefore to sit down with someone who can guide through the estate planning minefield!

I can do that with you - and with my iPad open I can quickly show you extra information and illustrations of key issues.

Get in touch TODAY.

If you're are really serious about protecting your families rightful inheritance , call me Paul on 07517 480 188 and  we can fix up your FREE NO OBLIGATION meeting. 

This can be at your home or office or any convenient location. 

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